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Advanced Polymer Coatings and its MarineLINE® Cargo Tank Coating

The industry’s leading cargo tank coating with patented polymer technology

Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) based in Avon, Ohio, USA, is a world leader in developing specialty coatings — MarineLINE® and ChemLINE® — for high performance applications. These coatings protect against damage from corrosion and chemical attack, and provide safe storage and transport of chemicals and products whether on land or sea.

MarineLINE® is the recognized industry leader in the marine industry, delivering a polymer lining system that protects the cargo tanks of chemical and product tankers.
MarineLINE®’s unique technology is based on a cross-linked organic-inorganic polymer that far surpasses the corrosive deficiencies of conventional protective coatings and linings such as vinylesters, epoxies, and stainless steel. The coating system significantly improves anti-corrosion resistance and helps to maintains cargo purity.

For newbuilds and tank retrofits, APC’s coatings inspectors work closely with shipyards to ensure the tank surface is properly prepared and the coating application follows all guidelines. Following application inspection, the APC heat curing team then provides a forced hot air heat cure for the coating. This results in a cross-linking of the polymers together into a tightly knit, extremely dense molecular structure.
MarineLINE® has been the premier cargo tank lining for more than 25 years. Extensive testing and years of field service have shown MarineLINE® delivers exceptional results due to its ease of cleaning, versatility, and return on investment.

The coating’s extremely smooth, hard, slick surface is what gives it a tank cleaning edge in the marketplace. Cleaning is achieved easily and quickly, resulting in faster turnaround so tankers can get back into service carrying their next sequence of cargoes.

The patented polymer formulation of MarineLINE® can handle IMO approved cargoes such as aggressive chemicals, CPPs, edible oils and many other chemicals. This gives shipowners, operators and charters greater versatility to carry and switch to a wider range of cargoes based on customers’ needs. The MarineLINE® coating is in use daily on hundreds of tankers worldwide.

For the full story, visit www.adv-polymer.com for more information.

Photo Caption: Shown here is the ultra-smooth finish of the MarineLINE® cargo tank coating.


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