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The biggest icebreaker in the world premieres with Vigo machinery

Fluidmecánica exports 80% of their production to Russia, where they participate in the renewal of its fleet.

"Viktor Chernomyrdin" is the largest non-nuclear icebreaker in the world. It has just premiered in the icy Russian waters and it does it with Vigo machinery on board, manufactured by Fluidmecánica. "Bollard pull test has been done with successful results, "says Francisco Oliver, the company's Sales Manager.

The company supplies the main winch - return for towing or anchor manoeuvre operations - of 360 tons and powered by two 110 kilowatts engines each. “Mikhail Salnikov” tugboat sizes are more modest, joined the ship on its first voyage, which also carries Fluidmecánica machinery supplied in 2016. "We have been in this market for many years, nowadays it is the main customer we have," pointed Oliver out.

Russia represents 80% of the company's sales, which is working on many maritime projects in this country taking advantage of the renewal of its powerful fleet, one of the world's largest, between tugs and river boats. Icebreakers are major words and Fluidmecánica has been working on this type of ships for years, responsible for freeing ships blocked in the ice. In 2016 they won a contract to supply mooring and anchoring machinery for two vessels of the gas company Gazprom. They also worked on the "Arctic", the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker. Now it does it in the larger one of electric-diesel dimensions, 146 meters in length and 22,000 tons, which began its work last week assisting ships trapped in the ice with scientists on board.

Russia and Asia
Fluidmecánica works mainly for foreign markets with Russia as its main customer and a good part of continental Europe in its order book. In Asia, they are also present in the markets of China and Thailand, among others. In Spain, they hardly have workload, apart from some projects at Cardama and Armón shipyards from Vigo. The company, located in the surroundings of Beiramar (Vigo), has 30 employees and the group has more than a hundred. Fluidmecánica was born in 1977 in Vigo as a company attached to the shipbuilding sector on the manufacture, marketing and repairing of equipment for ships. In 1991 established themselves as an independent company within the group, which has facilities in Ferrol, Cádiz and Murcia.

(Sourde: Atlántico Diario)

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