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Expanded workload at Vigo shipyards for next three years

Half thousand direct jobs and 2,500 undirect generated, Barreras and Nodosa (from Marin), at the front. Freire, Armón and Cardama have also several orders. Metalships and Vulcano, the only ones losing employment

With a working load assured for three years, Vigo shipyards line up one of the best periods from past years. “Prospects are good, we will keep on the same line than 2018” indicates Óscar Gómez, General Manager for Aclunaga (Galician Shipbuilding Cluster), regarding the thirty orders sector got last year and that make Spain recovers leadership. “Stability is the word best define sector’s situation in this moment, although there are exceptions (Vulcano) and, if there was more room, we could get more contracts”, he informed pointing out to the limited space some shipyards have. Barreras in Beiramar and Nodosa in Marín are on top with several large orders and high technological value and are the ones creating more employment (including auxiliary industry, up to a thousand jobs between both). The former is getting into the finish line of the Ritz-Carlton luxury cruiser construction, which delivery is due in Autumn, and it will be another one for the North American. This will guarantee activity for longer and consolidate this market niche released in Vigo for the first time in Spain- it is the first cruise made in our country-. Moreover, Barreras is working in two more ferries for Havila shipowner and one more for Armas.
Nodosa, at Pontevedra’s Bay, leader in fishing boat construction with several units for shipowners from Vigo as Pescapuerta or Rampesa. Up to seven trawlers are being built in this moment, some of them for foreign customers, amongst other units. Freire and Armón are also steady in this fishing boats segment, with several orders in force for national shipowners, as Pescanova and Calvo, or foreign ones, where they have most of their work. Regarding employment, both shipyards stand out for a last year’s stagnation due to the partial retirement, according to a Worker’s Commissions report, nevertheless their order books are one the most stable.
In Cardama’s case, specialized in smaller ships, the company that less employment has destroyed since 2004, only 15 workstations.

Vulcano and Metalships, the only ones destroying employment
Vulcano and Metalships are the only shipyards of the Bay destroying employment within last year: 11 and 6 respectively, according to Social Security data collected by the Worker’s Commissions. Vulcano’s situation is the most worrying in this moment as they are again under the final settlement threat by the imminent delivery of their last order, the ferry for Trasmediterranea. “We have no news accordingly, deadlines are meeting”, pointed Nicolás Sangabriel, the Committee President regarding several pay slips not payed and others that will be payed after the ship delivery, by the end this month. In Metalships case, the activity is slowing down after delivering several boats within last months. They are working of the sailboat “Sea Cloud Spirit” for a German shipowner, a project made over an already built hull from the “Sea Cloud Hussar”.

(Source: Atlántico Diario)

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