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Galician challenge of renovating 1.5 thousand boats exceeding 40 years old

The most part belongs to inshore fishing, brotherhoods and unions fight to get support on the next European fishing fund

Galician fishing sector has got a tough challenge. The community fleet has around 4,362 ships, and among its row, more than 1,500 exceed 40 years old. Considering the age average on foreign fisheries boats (that are being renovated little by little at Galician shipyards) or community fisheries, the most if this one-and-a-half thousand ships belongs to inshore fishing, a fleet that comprehends more than 3,800 ships in Galicia. Both, brotherhoods and the fishing union agree the service life of this kind of boats is near to its end, if they did not overpass already. The sector fighting to get support in Brussels for the non-industrial renovation fleet to be included on next community fishing fund. “We are pushing in Brussels to open that subsidies’ line. It is crucial” explains the Fishing Brotherhood National Federation (FNCP) President, Mr Basilio Otero.

Spanish fleet is one of the oldest from the European Union. Its 9,146 ships on average 34 years old, three above the Union ratio. 51% of the 9,146 ships are in the Galician Community, third on patrio ranking overcame only by Canary Islands, Murcia and Baleares. However, the richness of minor arts boats in Galicia makes the perfect paradigm to push the European Commission. “We will face a serious problem if we do not take action. We are talking about on board conditions, but also security conditions”, warned the Fishing Spanish Confederation (CEPESCA) general secretary, Mr Javier Garat.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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