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"Revolution" continues at Vigo shipbuilding sector: modular boat has arrived

Cardama Shipyard, Industrias Ferri, Insenaval and Galventus band together in a I+D project to design a multipurpose vessel of interchangeable “pieces”

Shipbuilding sector from Vigo continuous to invest strongly on innovation. Meanwhile 4.0 Industry is slowly introducing on the shipyards and auxiliary industry of the sector, projects on I+D are arising to add a bit up to the already existing high specialization at Vigo’s Bay. Last bit was leading by Cardama Shipyad and Industrias Ferri, Insenaval and Galventus take part on it. We are talking about a Modulight project, with which the development of a modular boat is pursued, that means, a serial of interchangeable “pieces” that offer the possibility of getting a multipurpose vessel, flexible and versatile. “It is thought for countries with a low infrastructure, where river transportation is important and where journeys are used to transport different kind of loading”, explains Borja Cardama, I+D responsible of the centenary shipyard.

Modulight concept turns around the idea of making the most of a ship for different types of goods transportation. So, when the shipowner buys one unit with several settings and possibilities. “It is like a Lego: it has several pieces and with a few variations you have got many boat typologies”, commented Mr Cardama. To get it, “modular, multipurpose and light barges will be developed thought steal and composite combination to get versatile and customized ships”.

Regarding the members, Insenaval from Vigo will oversee the design and detail engineering, meanwhile Galventus from Moaña – focused on shipbuilding and wind farms- will be focussing on compound materials, including multilateral production. On their behalf Ferri from Gondomar will be specialized on the piece’s matches, apart from the needed deck equipment, and Cardama Shipyard “will define the study case based on the multipurpose river ship development”. Among others – and with Aimen technological centre participation- a scale model will be done to show the development efficiency.

A Paradigm Change
According to Modulight leaders’ explanation, with this project they look for “a change of paradigm on design and manufacture of ships” pointing out to “modularization and standardization”. In order to get it, they need to develop jointing technology and advance manufacturing processes. With all that manufacturing costs, shipowner costs will be cheaper and energetic consumption will be reduced.

The project has officially begun last year, and it is due in 2020, although it is now when the members are carrying out the main investigations and meetings. It has a global budget of 1.38 million Euro, from which nearly 900,000 Euro are granted by Conecta Peme program.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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