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Navantia leaves the most modern ship of the Navy ready for delivery

The maritime action vessel Furor, built in Ferrol, successfully completes sea trials 20 miles from the coast

It is just after seven in the morning and around the dock of Navantia Ferrol in which the maritime action ship (BAM) is moored. It is about to start the last day of the sea trials of the ship, the most modern of the Spanish Navy, named Furor. On board 87 people travel, mostly workers of the naval company, but also of the Navy, technical assistance and auxiliary firms. Everything is ready to carry out the last two evaluations, which will serve to verify the proper functioning of the Tacan system, helicopter assistance, and the composition of the fire protection foam.

At 8.17 am, the day begins, the boat begins its navigation, which will take it up to twenty miles offshore of the Ferrolan coast. It will be the last before being delivered to the Navy, after carrying out other assessments at sea. «This is the ninth day of tests, after having made four days at the end of September of the platform, the propulsion and the control of the ship and another four the first week of November of the combat system», explained Manuel Bermúdez de Castro, responsible for the testing department of Navantia Ferrol.

The forecast handled by the shipyard points to waves of between 3 and 4 meters, although most of the participants in the day congratulated themselves because only a day earlier they had exceeded 5. The navigation is made at 15 knots and soon the rocking is left notice. At 9.34 am, the first tests begin, consisting of spraying the flight deck with foam with a large hose to verify that the composition of the product is adequate. Up to three shots are carried out and in all of them the product is analyzed by means of a portable equipment, although finally it is decided to send the samples to the external laboratory.

On board, part of the BAM crew and their commander, the Ferrolan Ángel Morales, also travel. "After four years of construction, we are looking forward to it," he says, adding later that "he has responded magnificently" to all the sea tests carried out. Morales notes that the Furor "is the most modern ship in the Navy, with the latest versions of the latest technologies."

It is a multi-purpose vessel, designed for what the Navy describes as low and medium intensity scenarios, with the deployment of anti-drug trafficking missions, illegal immigrant trafficking and maritime surveillance, among others. When it enters into operation, the ship will be, like the rest of the Spanish military fleet, a good ambassador of Navantia. Some countries, such as Portugal, have already become interested in this model, which led their twin, the Audaz, to land in Lisbon.

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(Fuente: La Voz de Galicia)

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