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Armón delivers to Argentina the biggest oceanographic vessel of the country

“Víctor Angelescu”, a 53 metres in length vessel, will sail from Vigo this week

The Armón shipyard delivered yesterday the oceanographic vessel “Víctor Angelescu” to the National Institute of Investigation and Fishing Development (Inidep). “Today is a dream come true for us. It is a technological marvel, that will contribute for such an important industry, the fishing one.”, emphasized Otto Wöhler, director of the Argentinian organization. With 52,8 metres long and capacity to carry 17 scientists and 15 crew members on board, “Víctor Angelescu” becomes the biggest ship of its kind under Argentinian flag. The ship will sail to Mar de Plata next week and it is expected to arrive there around 20 days after, between 5 and 10 October. T

With its delivery finalizes the one-year period since its construction started. During this period the Vigo shipyard has provided the ship with the latest technology equipment, as scientific echo sounders for the detection of marine organisms and another multi-beam for mapping the sea floor, and it will allow to perform operations in depths that hitherto were considered unmanageable for other oceanographic vessels. 

The meticulousness of Víctor Angelescu in creating an environment where the silence reigns and that facilitates the INIDEP research activities has reached such a degree that, as members of the Argentinian delegation revealed, in the past few weeks some final retouches were made in the propeller blades. Why? When the vessel reached certain speed it produced an almost negligible sound, enough to scare the fish stocks and hamper the operations. 

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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