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21st to 23rd of May 2024

Barreras will start the plate cutting of the mini cruise in October

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The shipyard is negotiating with the auxiliary company Maessa (ACS Group) the prefabrication of naval blocks

Barreras will start in October the construction of what is set to be the first ultrapremium cruise in the world. The shipyard from Vigo finalizes the assignment of the block prefabrication duties to the naval auxiliary company Maessa, subsidiary of the construction and services group ACS, and has already made an important progress in the naval empowerment and equipment supplier hiring. The factory must deliver the vessel, of 190 metres in length and valued at 250 million euros, in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the contract that has been signed in June with the new shipping line of the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain.

Maessa, which has a wide experience in block prefabrication – especially in military vessels – would assume all the plate cutting, forming, previews and panels of the first of the three cruises Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection wants to build in Barreras. The ACS subsidiary, as it happened to the galician company Ganain (Calderería Naval del Miñor) in the contract with Petróleos Mexicanos’ (Pemex) flotel, would be responsible for the cutting centre the shipyard owns in Beiramar and Tomás Alonso. Naval sources explain that the contract with Maessa isn’t signed yet but it is indeed at an advanced stage of negotiation.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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