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Nodosa Shipyard builds seven vessels, four of them are trawlers

Shipyard working load is spread along Vigo allowing small shipyards to get several contracts and the bigger ones are waiting to clear out financial obstacles. 

Nodosa, from Marín, is the one with more building tasks in this moment. According to company sources, they work on the building of seven vessels, apart from the repairing tasks that usually do. Three of these vessels are closed to be delivered. One of them is a 30-m length trawler with 70 tons of pulling built for the company Amore Marín, who works on the same port of Marín. This vessel is ready to work inshore or Hight seas fishing. They are also finalizing two vessels for the Port of Barcelona dedicated to the oil remains clearance, one of them with 20 m length.

They have a fishing boat at an advance phase for a mix company in the Falkland Islands. It is a 69m trawler on the assembly phase to be delivered in summer. They recently start to work in three more trawlers, one of 74m for Pereira`s group; and, for a German Ship-owner, two twins which will run along the Gran Sol.

Armón Vigo is also full of work. Company sources inform they are working on six vessels: an oceanographic of 52 m for Argentina, three freezer fishing boats of 40 m for a national ship-owner, a freezer trawler of 47 m for an Argentinian ship-owner and an oceanographic of 69.50m for Sweden.

In a similar way is Freire`s Vigo Shipyard, according to union sources information. The naval factory will finish the School boat for Indonesia and it has already started to cut sheet for another school boat of Saudi Arabia and two trawler fishing boats for Greenland. This is to confirm that the extract sector is pulling of the business.

Cardama’s Shipyard case, company informs this morning will arrive from Irak the technicians who will test the all-proposes boat, the test will take place on next week at the same time of the crew training. They have also started with the steel blocks of the boat for Senegal and, within the following months they expect to put into effect Angola’s ferry. “It is not bad, although we have been better”- pointed Mario Cardama, Shipyards president.

But, while the smaller ones breeze, the bigger ones wait. Barreras is waiting for closing final loose ends of the Luxury Mini-cruise contract, which according to previous deadlines it might be started after summer.

Vulcano is waiting for the ferry of Sevilla’s Shipyards finance diagram announcement, as close sources pointed on an official announcement will take place in the following days. Metalships hopes that the sheet for a fishing boat will arrive before summer, but they have just signed a paid employment reduction for 14 people.

(Source: Atlántico Diario)

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