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Magallanes launches its new platform next week

Official tests will take place in the platform during summer time in the Vigo’s Bay.  It will be sent to Scotland afterwards, center of reference on this technology.

Magallanes Renovables will launch next week on April 21th, according to company sources communication, the Trimaran that will generate renewable energy from the tide.
The platform finalized by Ganain will have 45 m. of length and it will pass over 360 tons. On the new phase, previous agreement hold with Cardama shipyard was broken as the responsible to build this structure is Ganain. This has delayed the project nearly a year.
Magallanes Renovables emphasizes that this project has been reached thanking to the grant “Fact Track to Innovation”, financed by €3 Million from the European Commission with a non-refundable 70%. This help the capital raising to continue investing in innovation.
The low budget they develop this structure thanking to the European grant is called Ocean_2G and lasts 24 months. It aims to support the necessary tests in order to show that Magallanes technology is valid and trustworthy.
Tests to be done at the Vigo’s Bay this summer have the main objective of verifying that all equipment works properly by simulating a real situation of electricity generation. In a second phase, it will be connected to the net of the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) on the Orcade Isles, Scotland.

(Source: Atlántico Diario)

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