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Nodosa will build the first tall ship of the Galician fleet in 10 years.

The renewal of the Galician fleet in the Falklands starts in Nodosa. The Marin shipyard has signed a contract for the construction of a trawler 63.7 meters in length for a Spanish-British joint venture. It will be used to catch this prized squid in the South West Atlantic sea.

This is the first ship of its kind commissioned by a joint company with Galician capital in the last ten years, and underpins the backlog of naval division from Nodosa group, which also includes a longline for Malvinas, another trawler for the North Sea and a tugboat. The construction of the new vessel will have an estimated duration of 18 months.
The contract was signed recently and after two years of works and negotiations between the Marin shipyard and the shipping firm. The ship, which will be 63.7 meters long by 12 wide, will incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency, communications and navigation, crew comfort, catch volume, freezing capacity, optimization of fishing manoeuvring, cruising and operative speed, and also environmental protection. The design was conceived and developed by the shipyard technical team following the shipowner recommendations and requirements, which has many years of experience in the fishing grounds of the Falkland Islands.
The contract, whose amount has not been disclosed, represents a milestone for Vigo and Pontevedra shipyards since a trawler for the Galician fleet in Malvinas has not been built in decades, over thirty years (the last trawler built in Vigo was Playa Pesmar Dos by Freire and Caxil Rio in Marin in 2005). This order is considered by the naval factory as a "hopeful step" ahead of the renewal of the fishing fleet, consisting of more than two dozen ships. In recent years, joint venture shipowner companies have claimed public funding on numerous occasions in order to renew the fleet operating in the fishing grounds and other third countries, so far without success.

In 2011 an agreement had even been signed between Aclunaga (Galician naval cluster) and four yards (Nodosa, Freire, Armon Vigo and Valiña) to build seven prototype ships for American fishing grounds (Malvinas, Chile, Argentina, etc.) and African (Namibia, South Africa, etc.). A project led by Acemix, the Association of Community Business Mixed Fisheries Corporation, where more than 40 firms are involved with more than seventy vessels catching over 200,000 tons a year and provide direct employment to 5,210 people. This initiative unfortunately did not materialize due to lack of funding.

(Source: www.asime.es)

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