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Naval industry takes the pulse of the market: it has been awarded contracts and the UE opens the door to the market

Relief in the Vigo naval sector, they will not have to face a millionaire return by way of tax relief, as the European Commission claimed

The General Court of the European Union ruled in favor of the shipyards ensuring that the Spanish tax lease system (the 'tax lease ") were not State aid and even less illegal as stated by the EC and, specifically, the Competition excomissioner Joaquin Almunia.

Tranquility and satisfaction in the industry, but also impotence by the activity suspension that the decision by Almunia meant to the Ria de Vigo, where 8,000 jobs were lost in recent years and the naval had to stopped unable to compete with other countries. Therefore, companies are considering resorting to the courts to claim compensation for damages involved in the suspension of the old 'tax lease'.

The Vigo shipyards weathered the blow better and this year they have initiate the road to recovery gaining contracts and diversifying its activity. One of the clearest examples is Cardama, which innovated building a trimaran (to generate energy from ocean currents), a project by the Renewable Magallanes firm from Redondela. Besides Vulcano, built a portable ramp for Bouzas port dock and it continues to negotiate the sale of the ferry that has medium built.

Barreras launched a few months ago the flotel being built for Pemex, and the Mexican oil company announced that they will order another ship-hotel of similar characteristics and will not leave the shareholder (which holds 51 percent). Freire enacted several contracts that ensure workload for the next few years with a training vessel, an oceanographic and fishing vessel. Armon also achieved international orders that will allow it to have one of the most stable activity portfolios. Metalships officially entered the Chinese-Angolan shipyard China Sonangol group but with no new contract yet.
(Source: www.asime.es)

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