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Nodosa begins the building of a trawler for Dutch ship owners in Marin

The vessel, 28.7 meters long, must be finished within one year. The factory is progressing in the work of another 60 meter longliner for Malvinas and is giving the final touches on more works

Nodosa shipyard in Marin has begun the building of a 28.7 meters long trawler for the Osprey Group, owned by the De Boer Dutch shipowners family, as company sources confirmed to FARO. Cutting sheet metal started last week and the execution time is approximately of one year. The trawler, the second contract to build in the Marin facilities after joining Nodosa, incorporates the latest technologies in fishing and will be based in Hull, on the east coast of England. The shipbuilding factory is also progressing in the work of a 60-meter longliner signed for Malvinas this year and is negotiating more orders

The new De Boer´s trawler, with the dual platform and fly shooting mode, with a design that favours sustainable fishing - will have 28.7 meters long by 10 wide and less than 400 GRT. The boat can reach a speed of 10.5 knots, will carry a crew of ten people and will hold 120 cubic meters of capacity to store fish. Its owner is Louwe de Boer, currently in command of Good Hope trawler H 357, according to the shipowner. The ship will be fishing in Gran Sol waters.
The Marin factory is also working on a 60 meters long by 11.4 sleeve longline commissioned by a British shipowner. This longline is designed to fish in the South West Atlantic waters, with an average cost of 13 million euros, and is negotiating new works. The integration of the old premises of Factory Naval Marin into Nodosa group, effective from February 1st, was the key to the longline and trawl contract. The group tripled its production capacity and recruited twenty new workers for the team.

The Nodosa group, owned by Dopico and Novas families, distributes its activity between its industrial and naval branches. In the shipbuilding business, the Bueu logistics center performs all tasks of prefabrication of vessels (cutting sheet metal, fabrication of the blocks, etc.) while it was awarded a sea-land concession of about 40,000 square meters in Marin ( between land and water surface) and also part of a ship repair dock in the port. The shipyard has always been linked to fishing, building fishing and support vessels for aquaculture (flat-bottomed boat workers, etc.), but from 2005 up today, the Marin factory turned to other boats and tugs due to the lack of subsidies for fleet renewal, a segment in which the latter is already an international reference. The naval branch employs about 90 employees.
(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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