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The final works of Magallanes trimaran has been moved to repair dock

Cardama launches the device which will generate tidal energy to make room in its slipway

The Magallanes trimaran Project touched water first yesterday. The Vigo shipyard Cardama (Shipyards and Varaderos Francisco Cardama) threw the artifact 42 meters in length with which the company from Redondela Magallanes aims to obtain renewable energy harnessing the power of ocean currents, thus making room for other reparations and construction activities on its slipway, the floating structure was towed to Bouzas repair dock, where works will be resumed.

In the construction of the trimaran (which weighs about 350 tons) twenty Galician suppliers will be involved as well as international companies. Magallanes Renovables's intention is that the ship can move to Scotland (Orkney Islands) in 2016, for testing the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC, its acronym in English) for approval.
The project dates back to 2007 and the investment amounts to 14 million euros. Besides Magallanes Renovables participates as partners Cardama and CNV Naval Architects. The launching process lasted half an hour and went smoothly despite the technical difficulties involved. The shipyard will now prepare the rollers to initate a ship repair and later starting several buildings.

(Fuente: Faro de Vigo)

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