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19th to 21st of May 2026

Barreras ensures its activity with a second offshore vessel for Pemex company for over other 29 months

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The works will be directly awarded by the company - Mr. Feijoo states: "The oil company fulfills with Galicia" - Mr. Roa : "This is our shipyard and will remain this way for a long time ".

The Vigo shipyard Hijos de J. Barreras, the largest private shipbuilding factory in Spain, cleared his future again thanks to Petroleros Mexicanos ( Pemex ) . The giant aztec oil company, ( shareholder of the Galician company holding with 51% of capital), announced yesterday its intention to trust on Barreras to build a new offshore vessel which will serve the staff of the platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. This will be the "twin" as the one launched yesterday afternoon in Beiramar facilities, the Reforma Pemex.

Mr. Carlos Roa, Pemex chief of consultant staff, was in charge to unveil the new commissioned works, which will ensure workload for at least 29 months. Mr. Roa said that because of price and to take advantage design of Reforma Pemex, the new ship could be awarded directly, without having to submit a public tender offer this time, which will allow to begin the works of cutting metal sheets as at the end of the current year. On the other hand, the president of the Xunta, Mr. Alberto Nunez Feijoo thanked Pemex for betting on Galicia " when it mostly was needed it " and " to fulfill his word".

"It's a great day for Vigo, Barreras and Pemex," praised Mr Roa who attended the Barreras board of directors meeting in which approval for the new vessel was given. The Pemex consultant staff chief explained that the operation was developed for several months and only a few details are left.
"The terms are favorable for both parties and we want to take advantage of repeating a ship. We want three equal. This makes easy maintenance, operations and the crews that can be interchangeable," the Pemex executive added.
Questioned by this newspaper whether the awarding of the ship should undergo any international competitive bidding or not (as what happened the vessel launched yesterday , built by Navantia Ferrol , El Orgullo Petrolero), Mr. Roa answered that the oil company made his "market research "and that the "economic conditions " offered by Barreras allows a direct award. Also, Mr José Manuel Carrera Panizzo, corporate director of Alliances and New Business and chairman of the board of PMI Comercio Internacional , agreed that it will not be necessary to put its construction out of a tender .

Mr. Roa ,whose wife Mrs. Ana Elena Suarez Zamora inaugurated the launching yesterday, said the operation plan will be showed for over the next thirty days on the board of directors of the oil company and at the end of the year the contract could be closed and thus the cutting sheet works could start. "This is our shipyard and will remain so for a long time," he said.

Barreras president M. Jose Garcia Costas, advanced that there will be more news on contracting in the coming days and stressed that all projects with Pemex are "alive " despite the situation in the oil industry in general (for the falling prices ) "It is what it is " . One of the orders that could be confirmed is that of a small cruise of about one hundred meters long for Dutch Ocean Wide, built with reinforced steel hull for navigation in Arctic waters, and worth about 50 million euros. The Vigo naval businessman stressed the commitment of Pemex with the ship yard. "I want to leave very clear once and for all that Pemex came here to stay," he insisted. The launching was also attended by several foreign shipowners.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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