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Shipyards and ancillary industry join renewable energies to achieve orders

The Galician naval sector have seen in the energy sector its last hope
Galicia has the best natural resources of Spain to take advantage from the waves energy and wind marine. In addition, it has the technology capability to build the needed infrastructure to generate power from sea.

After several attempts still unsuccessful in aeronautics, the Galician shipbuilding industry, used to fall down and get up in a cyclical way has seen the light in the power sector. It began as an alternative to be alive in the lean years. In the absence for more boats, some companies from the naval sector of Ferrol will get by the construction of the 29 jackets that the company Iberdrola awarded to the alliance formed by Navantia and Windar Renovables. It coukd be the beginning of a future full of workload because Windar Renovables and Navantia aspire to achieve a contract for the construction of 50 structures for wind turbines in the sea for the Wikinger, a 350 MW wind farm that will be installed in the Baltic coast.
The bet of so many countries for the sea and wind as power sources is in the origin of the creation of the Galician Off Shore Group (GOE), a consortium of 36 companies of the naval sector, between shipyards and ancillary industry. This alliance begin by the end of 2013 with a lot of support by Asime, the Galician metal association. Its idea was to participate in international tenders of construction and maintenance projects of wind farms on sea.
In the GOE there are the shipyards Metalships & Docks, Cardama and Nodosa; engineering companies as Servimar, Neuwalme, Vicalsa, lnstra, Aceuve, Tesol, Progener, Dinain, Tune Eureka, Ganomagoga and Industrial Recense; and the power company Gestamp Renewable Industries.(Source: La Voz de Galicia)

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