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Cardama shipyard will begin to build four new vessels for 70 millions

Astilleros F. Cardama booth in Navalia 2014

The intention is to close the deal during next weeks

The general manager of the shipyard from Vigo Francisco Cardama, Mario Cardama, has confirmed on Monday that, during next weeks, the company will begin the construction of four vessels 'already signed' and which contracts comes to 70 million Euros.
Talking to journalist after the presentation of a R+D+i Project, Mario Cardama has announced that they are a multi purpose for Iraq; a tugboat for Mozambique; another multi purpose for Senegal; and the ferry for the Angola Government, which is negotiating its financing with Spanish banks.
Apart from these contracts, that will assure workload for two years and the would be done without 'tax lease', there are other agreements that are not signed yet for '60 or 70 million Euros' waiting for the oil price evolution.
Mario Cardama has also explained that the Project, together with other two shipyards from Vigo, in which they are negotiating the construction of 7 vessels for 120 million Euros, is still alive. 'It is almost ready', has said the shipyard's general manager regarding this 'multi-contract', that consists of the construction of multi purpose, patrols and a hospital-vessel.
Caradama has recognized that banks 'begin to open up their hands' regarding naval sector financing, but shipyards still have "real difficulties because banks 'require a lot of
Source: La Voz de Galicia

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