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Nodosa makes the first launching since almost one year and a half

After almost one year and a half without launching in the Ría of Pontevedra, a drag constructed by Nodosa for the Galician outfitter Canlemar, symbolized yesterday the one that seeks to such as boot of a more prolific stage for the sector, objective for which turns out to be indispensable a determined bet for the I+D+i.

Something that allows to incorporate notable technological advances and appears as the best chance for the future of this activity, as emphasized in several occasions along the act that led the Marín's shipyard.
This boat is the number 279 for the construction company and shows the first delivery since the company formalized the purchase of Naval Factory. The launching puts an end to a parenthesis that was extending from December 2013, when Nodosa concluded the project by a Moroccan company. The consignee of the Omvac Doce, instead, is a client from Ferrol who has proposed to increase a fleet in which already there are other boats constructed in the same dependences.
Representatives from the shipyard and the ship-owner company, as well as the Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, the general manager of the Merchant Navy, the Port's President, or the Mayor, among other political leaders underlined the "advances" presented by this dredger of divided hull and 61 meters length. For 12 months, 150 people will be employed between direct staff and auxiliary brands. The turnover that represents this boat overcomes 6.000.000 of Euros.
In this case, the project is "100% Galician", as underlined the Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, pointing that also the ship-owner has headquarters in the community. Mr. Conde had an effect on this "technological high level of the ship", a characteristic that he considers to be the key to support positions or to reinforce them in the international market. "You can't compete in boats with great load of steel, our competitiveness is technology", compares.

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