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China Sonangol: ‘With the purchase of Rodman there will be work for everyone’

Metalships installations

The number of foreseen vessels will require to subcontract other shipyards
Is the biggest purchase operation in the Galician naval history. Before the end of March, Rodman's group, from Vigo, will be under control of the Chinese oil company Sonangol, that will acquire a majority holding in the three shipyards of the company presided by Manuel Rodríguez: Rodman Polyships, Metalships & Docks and Rodman Lusitania.

The amount that the multinational presided by Sam Pa will pay is in the region of a hundred millions Euros, although the bigger investment will arrive as workload. ‘We will bring many vessels for all the companies of the group.’

The needs of China Sonangol fleet are tugboats, ferries and flatboats with power generators for its own activities and to rent to African countries.

Commitment to the Galician Government
The oil Company talk about a great volume of activity that will be too much for the acquire installations. 'Many boats will be brought and this will favored Galicia. With the purchase of Rodman there will be work for everyone, because activity with other shipyards is going to be hired' said the Sonangol's representative, who maintains that the workload for other companies is a commitment with the Galician government.
Sam Pa, will come back to Galicia to sign the purchase contract next week. The company of Manuel Rodríguez is resisted to talk about sale and explain the agreement as 'an acquisition of the capital of Metalships, Polyships and Lusitania, but the percentage is still not decided'

A fair business
The Galician group wanted to clarify yesterday that the continuity of all the personnel is completely guaranteed, as well as the board of directors and the president, Manuel Rodriguez 'because is not a sale, but a business of capital'. Rodman explain the entry of China Sonangol as the result of negotiations that 'once finished, will increase immediately workload and personnel to give bigger dimension to the shipyard'.
(Source: La Voz de Galicia)


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