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The naval sector from Vigo expects to create 1.5000 employments before summer

If the periods of the activity begining were achieved, the naval sector from Vigo will create before summer at least 1500 new employments. These are the numbers that the metal employers association, Asime, handle. ' The aim is that the Galician naval industry reach this year 6.500 employments', said the General Manager of the entity, Enrique Mallón, who is convinced that the list of contracts announced by Pemex will be a salutary lesson for the sector. Nevertheless, according Mr. Mallón, to carry out the forecast, apart from beginning the announced constructions, other shipyards should close new contracts. Employments will increase at the same time that first vessels were taking shape and, over all, when fitting out works begin, until exceed the 7.000 by the middle of next year, still far from the 10.000 that the naval sector had between 2007 and 2009.
The 200 auxiliary companies that have survived to the crisis are the ones which will how their staff will increase, because Barreras, the same as other shipyards, will maintain the minimum permanent jobs. Nowadays it has 110 workers.
There was around 1000 cv received in the Beiramar's factory since the announcement of Pemex of 5 vessels.
But Barreras will not create direct employments, and, according sources close to the company, 'the small number of hiring that Barreras is going to made will be to graduate people with experience, engineers, economists..., the rest is being derived to auxiliaries'.
(Source: Faro de Vigo)

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