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Shipyards foresee to hire 8 more vessels with 'tax lease' this year, two of them in Vigo

Pymar see a change of cycle and aspire to the order list with the new tax lease reach 17 orders before the end of 2014 for 724 million Euros Spanish private shipyards of Pymar negotiate 8 new contracts of shipbuilding with tax lease, which signature is going to be made next months. With these new orders, the sector would finish the year with 17 vessels ordered by several ship owners according the new subsidiary system allowed by the European Union (EU) and that adds up a turnover volume of 724 million.
According naval sector sources, shipyards from Vigo aspire to award two of these 87 vessels with tax lease. Galicia has not achieve until now to hire with the new system approved by Brussels. The 8 vessels make a turnover volume of 524 million, in front of 200 million that mean the nine ships hired by the sector during last months under the same regimen.
Other orders added to these 17 vessels, it is the case of tuna fishing boats that aren't channeled through the tax lease system and some of them dive workload to companies from Vigo (Armón and Hijos de J. Barreras).
In the Pymar (Small and Medium Restructuring Shipyards) general meeting of shareholders, business men showed to the Minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria, that 2013 was the 'recovery year' of the sector, and a 'turning point' after three years in which the opening of a community document prevented Spanish naval industry 'to compete in the same conditions as the rest of European shipyards'.

'Nothing similar to the situation one year ago', affirmed a person of the sector with reference to big difficulties of the sector of Galicia, Asturias and Basque Country when the European Commission banned the previous tax lease system.
Álvaro Platero, from Gondán shipyards and president of Pymar, thank to the Central Government and the rest of public administrations their support to 'change the perspectives of the sector' in a favorable way.
The minister Soria, that have closed the general shareholders meeting, showed the Government support to the sector and maintained that the alliance between the government, autonomous communities, financial entities, investors, and industry represented in Pymar, 'are allowing that shipbuilding recovers the faith of ship owners and investors'. The minister of industry said that 'the sector has a promising future' and that 'it will continue being a reference in the Spanish industry'.
(Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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