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Barreras will built one of the two hotel vessels hired by Pemex for 145 millions

The oil Mexican company awards the other unit, twin of the first one, to Navantia Pemex confirmed yesterday that it has awarded Hijos de J. Barreras the construction of one of the two hotel vessels that will be built in Galicia. The Mexican company signed yesterday in Santiago with the heads of the shipyard from Vigo and Navantia (the public company will build in Ferrol the second unit, twin of the first) the two vessels contracts for 380 millions Dollars (290 millions Euros), that will employ 3.000 workers during 30 months according the regional government.

The signature was carried on the Pazo de Raxoi after a notification made just two hours before and with the president Alberto Nuñez Feijóo as host. Contracts were signed by the General Manager of Pemex Internacional in Spain, José Manuel Carrera; the president of Sepi, Ramón Aguirre; and José García Costas, head of Barreras that next Thursday the 27th will overcome the bankruptcy proceeding .

According contracts, each shipyard will built a hotel vessel of 190 millions Dollars that, taking into account data announced yesterday by Feijóo, will mean more than two years of workload and 1.5 millions hours employed for 1.500 workers in each company, counting shipyard workers and auxiliary industry.
Feijóo assured that the workload hired is bigger that the foreseen at the beginning. He added that as consequence of the strategic alliance with Pemex, the oil company has decided to set up a logistic base in the port of A Coruña and that the orders of 14 tug boats "are still on course" so seven will be built in Galicia and the other seven between Galicia and México.

The president of the Xunta want to emphasized that Galicia was not resigned itself and with a "restructured and solvent" economy is now able to knock at the door "of the most important companies in the world, and achieve new orders, new investments, new employs and new hopes".

García Costas attributed the success of the contracts signature to Feijóo and the Economy Councillor (who was not in the event). "The procedure has begun, continued and finished with them", said the head of Barreras. Something similar was said by the Sepi's president, to whom Feijóo has turned into the "best international commercial agent" from Galician shipyards, he also explained that in a close future new contracts for Navantia could be achieved.

García Costas announced the contract signed yesterday with Pemex will come into effect next December once "some determining factors" that "have to be in force quickly" will be solve. The businessman from Vigo ruled out that Barreras is going to have financing problems to carry one the contract, and he emphasized the "hard work" of the shipyard technicians. Business with Pemex begun on the last naval exhibition from Vigo, when some managers for the Mexican company visited the shipyard and knew the Edda Fides project, the first hotel vessel built in the world, and they continue until this week.

After the contract coming into effect, Barreras will have two years to deliver the vessel. According Pemex sources this vessel will begin to work in 2015, and the one made in Ferrol 6 months later. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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