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21st to 23rd of May 2024

The president of the Galician Government inaugurates NAVALIA 2012 with an optimistic speech living his unconditional support to the sector

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Alberto Núñez promised to continue fighting to achieve an "equitable and fair system" for naval industry The president of Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo inaugurated this morning the Navalia's fourth edition, act in which he was with the Regional Ministry of Economy and Industry, Javier Guerra, the Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, the general manager of NovaGalicia Banco, Juan Díaz, and the Navalia's Director Javier Arnau. During his participation, Mr. Feijóo gives a speech of optimism and unconditional support to the naval industry that is living one of its worse moments. "You are not alone. You belong to a society aware that the naval is fundamental for the economy and you have the unshakable support of the Xunta". The president emphasized all decisions took by the Galician government are directed to achieve workload for Galician shipyards. Núñez Feijóo said also that his government "will not take a rest" until reach a "fair, equitable and politically committed solution" to compete in the same conditions with the rest of European shipyards.

The Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, emphasized the bet carried out by the organization to celebrate a new Navalia's edition, praising the capacity, technology and competitiveness of our sector. "Behind Navalia there is Vigo, but also another companies from a lot of countries", said the Mayor who offered an unconditional cooperation to the public administrations to break the deadlock to the tax lease, which calified as basic instrument for the future sector.

Juan Díaz, General Manager of NovaGalicia Bank also underlines the importance of Navalia 2012 "in a very difficult moment for the sector". The entity manager confirms that NovaGalicia bank "maintains its strategic commitment with the entire sector related with sea, key sectors for the Galician economy and motors of the industrial development, aver all in the area of Vigo". In this sense Mr. Díaz remind that, since 2000, "we have lead main business in the Galician naval sector, attracting foreign capital fro other financing entities". This bet has allowed the "construction of more than 70 vessels in Spanish shipyards, with an amount of construction contracts around 2.5000 millions Euros".

Finally, Javier Arnau, Manager of NAVALIA, said in his participation that he hope that this edition will turn into a turning point for the sector. "Navalia is living this year its most difficult edition but also the most exciting because despite the situation, we believe that is going to coincide with the moment of tendency change of the sector". Arnau has also launch an optimistic message to the sector, assuring that exhibition will not "become discourage" and with this premise they have work during the last two years before the exhibition, travel all around the world looking for business for the sector, "because we still believe in it and in their workers".
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