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Possibilities for Galician shipyards to build vessels for Pemex

The president of the Galician Governemt, ALBERTO Núñez Feijoo, have announce a "possible agreement" with the Mexican company Pemex, in order to Galician naval sector builds vessels for the oil fleet and also auxiliary companies partipate "in another vessel series in Mexico to provide directly" to this company. Some time before coming back to Galicia and after this Wednesday the Government President Mariano Rajoy, said in a presentation with the president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, that they are in contact with Pemex to achieve orders for Galician shipyards, Feijoo have assured that there is a preliminary sketch of agreement.

"Now we have to concrete the scope and content of the possible agreement in order to begging with contracts, invoicing, and to achieve workload, employment and investment", has said the Galician president.

Feijoo has described as an "historic opportunity" of "an enormous economic importance" the agreement draft with the oil company Pemex, because it means an opportunity to alleviate the difficulties of the Galician naval sector because of the lack or workload that threatens the viability of the public shipyards Navantia and the companies of the Ria de Vigo, as Barreras or Vulcano.

Waiting Solutions for the 'tax lease', the Galician president has emphasized that the agreement with Pemex means the beginning of a "great commercial business" for Galicia, due to the community could turn into "one of the bigger oil companies in the world".


He trust in that "next weeks" this agreement advanced by Rajoy and Calderón, and in which the Galician government have been working for months could be concreted. Last January, Pemex managers with the Economy Councillor Javier Guerra, visited naval installations of the Ria de Vigo.

Specifically the visited MetalShips, Vulcano, Barreras and Freire, shipyards able to build support tug boats for oil platforms and big vessels. As well Navalia, the naval exhibition of Vigo, has also kept in contact with Pemex.

The president of the Xunta, who arrives this afternoon in Galicia and will participate in a public event, before preside on Friday the weekly Councillors meeting, has assured that his government will continue working to achieve employment and investment for Galicia and also for the workload in shipyards and other "through international and economic relations."

"My duty as president is to work as much as I can when projects and agreements have this importance" said Feijoo, who has Monday travel to Mexico, with the delegation that go with Mariano Rajoy. The opposition criticizes this travel, while the Xunta had explained that the aim was to promote Galician companies abroad.

In his statement, Feijo has also appreciated that Mariano Rajoy "ends the work realized last months". In his opinion this is a "excellent new" because a part from instil hope, it also means that Galicia is a "suitable placement to invest and it can turn into a supplier of one of the big oil companies of the world."
(Source: Agencia EFE)

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