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MetalShips delivers a 105 millions off-shore to McDermott and Oceanteam ship owners

The "North Ocean" carry out sea trial before begin to work The shipyard from Vigo MetalShips will deliver in 10 days the off-shore "North Ocean" to the consortium composed but the North American Ship Owners McDermott and Oceanteam. The vessel - that means 105 millions investment - will make this week its sea trial and it will be subjected to last fitting-out works.
The hull of this off-shore, launched last 12th of August without superstructure, was built afloat in record time. The vessel is 133 meters long and 27 meters wide, and it will have a diesel-electric propulsion of 14Mw, that will allow to reach 15 knots speed. Its crew will consist on 120 people.
It is blessed with powerful cranes that had to be set up in Guixar dock, in the same place where they were unloaded by the merchant "Wiebke" from Norway. The biggest of this two cranes is 450 tones and it is able to pick up items up to 400 tones over 16 meters; and the second crane is 250 tones and it can pick up 150 tones items.
This is the fifth vessel of these characteristics of the shipyard from Vigo. Apart from the support works for oil platforms, this off-shore is able to realize pipe lying.
The previous off-shore delivered but MetalShips, the "North Sea Giant", received last February in London the prize "Offshores Support Vessel of the Year" to the best vessel in the world in its speciality end in 2011, "because of its innovative design, its operative efficiency, and for represents the reference point of the industry" of shipbuilding.
Nowadays MetalShips is working in another off-shore for the French ship owner Technip; 135.6 meters long and means 107 millions Euros investment. It is equipped with 4 motor groups of 20.890 HP.
The ship owner Technip is between the 5 biggest companies of the world in engineer services and construction in hydrocarbon and petrochemical products fields.
With this vessel the shipyard has guaranteed workload until the end of the year.
MetalShips is negotiated with other shipbuilders to close new orders, but, as well as the rest of Spanish shipbuilders, is waiting for the new tax lease resolution.
(Source: FARO DE VIGO)

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