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Vigo's company VICUSdt becomes the representative of Fuchs Technology for Spain and Portugal

The company, specializing in energy audits, uses the "Doctor" system to optimize the operation of ship diesel engines Vigo's company VICUSdt becomes the representative of Fuchs Technology for Spain and Portugal, one of the main international references in the measurement and optimization engines diesel thanks to the "Doctor" System. VICUSdt, specialized in the realization of energetic audits for all vessels types, mainly ferries, tuna boats and long liners, already used this device, thanks to a complete monitoring system that allows to reduce fuel consumption, optimize the operation of the engine or reduce emissions, among other important aspects.
The engine Monitoring, which can be done by portable or fixed devices, collects data in a simultaneous and continuous way from all the signal sources, the pressure of combustion and injection, injection timing , air blast pressure, angle crankshaft, etc. The system delivers these data in real-time for the analysis and diagnosis of the engine, so the response is immediate.
VICUSdt continues this year with the development of energy audits, whose objective is to identify and analyze how the energy can be generated and used in the vessel to make suggestions for improvement to reduce fuel consumption, in addition to quantify exactly the profile of consumption of the vessel and the potential for improvement in each field.

This type of service brings advantages to the Ship-owner, allowing the immediate fuel saving derived from the knowledge of the profile of consumer savings. The audit can t identify the possible problems in the engines (excessive consumption, poor combustion, etc.); characterize the hydrodynamics of the vessel (main energy consumer) and carry out a study of potential improvements (technical and economic), as well as its implementation. The energy audit is composed of several phases which includes the data on board, the hydrodynamic analysis, combustion of the engines analysis, electric plant analysis, alternatives assessment and proposal for improvements.
Once done , it is possible to quantify the savings arising from each performance and its investment recovery times, allowing the ship owner to carry out those most interesting activities. It is, therefore a smart investment, recoverable within short time and improves the profitability of the company from the first day.

VICUSdt has a multidisciplinary technical team, including experts in the main areas of energetic efficiency such as hydrodynamics, diesel engines and electrical systems, allowing a detailed study of each area with its own means.

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