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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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Metalships launch an Offshore 105 million value for a consortium of U.S.

The vessel was ordered by the ship-owners McDermott and Oceanteam one year ago Eleven months after signing the contract with the north American consortium formed by McDermott and Oceanteam, Vigo's Shipyard proceeded yesterday in the early afternoon to the launch of the offshore pipelay construction vessel "North Ocean", its final cost will amount 105 million Euros, becoming one of the major orders to the Spanish private naval industry. The presidents of the two ship-owners companies ,who leading the work to support oil rigs attended to the launching. McDermott has a fleet of 10 Offshore vessels that rents to the biggest Oil companies worldwide and an staff, in all their business division reaching 25,000 employees.
McDermott company management team has its headquarters in Houston(Texas), they will take the advantage of stay in Vigo to celebrate today a board of management at the headquarters of Metalships, something not common in this kind of big companies. This is the fifth ship of this kind to be built in the Vigo's shipyard The characteristics of the ship, with small differences, are similar to those of the previous four. This vessel has a 135 meters length and a 27 meters beam, will have an electric-diesel propulsion of 14 Mw, allowing it to reach an speed of 15 knots. Having a 120 persons staff . Vigo's Shipyard Metalships has become in last years a leader in the offshore vessels shipbuilding construction large size, work which they combines with its repair division. The "North Ocean" has similar characteristics as the four previous ones and to another one that is under construction. Furthermore to the supporting works to oil companies, these vessels are able to perform the laying of pipes- flexible and rigid -in all the seas worldwide. In these moments the company leaded by Manuel Rodriguez is in advanced negotiations with several ship owners to sign new agreements, but for now shipyard sources have preferred "no get ahead of oneself " until the deal is close. Besides the works that they continue to make in "North Ocean", that has been launched without the superstructure (bridge and other equipments as the heliport). Vigo's Shipyard has another offshore vessel order for the French multinational Technip ,representing an investment of another 107 million Euros. The agreement has been signed the last February and consolidates the order book until the end of 2012. This vessel will be sixth of the same type -the "Oceanteam" is the fifth- of the Offshore vessels built by Metalships . Two of them was delivered to the Shipowner Bourbon, other to MacDermott and another to Technip itself. The two of them under construction will be delivered to these last shipowners. (FARO DE VIGO)