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Freire is consolidated in the Persian Gulf and apply for a second ocean graphic vessel

It has workload until the end of 2012 with four vessels in its order list The first ocean graphic vessel awarded to Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire by a Persian Gulf country is already on the sea, and the shipyard is already working on the preliminary designs for a second vessel which contract could be closed by the end of this year. The naval brand from Vigo avoid revealing the identity of the Government with whom has already begun to negotiate the new scientific order, to avoid giving clues to the worldwide competitors, in a moment in which contracts are falling down.
But the shipyard president, Jesús Freire has confirmed their commercial offensive in the Persian Gulf countries, due to a first contract signed in 2009 with the Qatar University to build the Janan, launched yesterday in Beiramar. "The Janan construction is a business card that will allow the shipyard to achieve contracts in the markets of this area. We already have one reference, and in this world contracts are achieved having references", said the businessman.
The Janan will be used by the University for research and also for the Government in environmental missions. It is 42 meters long, and has machinery for scientific use, hyperbaric chamber, several labs, and biological sonar, between other equipments.

Order List
Shaikha Abdulla Al-Misna, president of the Qatar University, explained that "the vessel will be a key instrument for the marines sources research and preservation".
Fraire has workload until the end of 2012 and, before of the end of the year, it will deliver three vessels. According the Vigo's brand president the shipyard has in its order list, apart from a vessel for the Qatar University that will be delivered in 6 months, one ocean graphic for United Kingdom, which is the biggest one build in Europe, an off-shore vessel that will support the oil platforms for a Norwegian ship owner, and another ocean graphic vessel for a private ship owner from Luxembourg.
"The naval industry was free fallen during the last two years and now it is reaching rock bottom" Jesús Freire.