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Tapias order to Barreras an "off-shore" to pick up waste material from oil platforms

The shipyard from Vigo has four displace naval engineers in Houston working in developing the project The shipyard from Vigo Barreras faces its future with the development and design of new vessels destined to the oil industry. After it has been a world reference in the construction of seismic vessels, Barreras get ready now to build a new vessel to pick up waste materials from the oil extraction platforms on the high seas.
The businessman from Vigo Fernando Fernández Tapias, through one of his societies, ordered to Barreras the development and the construction of a "well testing" vessel to pick up waste material solid, liquid, or gaseous generated in the oil extraction operations in the high seas.
Tapias has an agreement with the Mexican oil company Pemex to charter the vessel when it is working. The new order of Barreras is now in the design phase and it has been entrusted four naval engineers from the shipyard displaced in Houston to define the project collaborating with managers from the first oil company from the AZTEC Country.
The vessel will be 100 meters long and 20 meters wide, it will cost around 120 millions Euros according Barrera's president, José Francisco González Viñas. The signature of the contract will be on April, and they will establish the keel on August.
In the world fleet there are only two similar vessels so the development realized by the Barreras engineers is almost a prototype. Viñas explains that these auxiliary vessels of the oil extraction platforms belong to a new generation that "will have a big demand next years because of the strict environmental requirements".
Up to now, waste materials generated by the oil platforms were throw to the sea and to the atmosphere. "On first stage of the oil extraction from a marine oil platform, the oil is not useful. The "well testing" vessels have technology to store and recycle them" explains Viñas.
Other active front of the shipyard from Vigo is the search of manufacturer of recycles plants that will be "the heart of the processor vessel".
In fact, the new vessel is going to have more tanks than a gas ship. The waste materials generated after being recycled will be transported to land in lighters for other uses, as the asphalt production.
According Viñas, this project means to "develop a new forefront technology", in fact, there are only two units with similar functions.
New market niche
The Barrera's president thinks that this new market niche "is a unique opportunity" not only to our shipyard but also for the rest of the shipbuilders from Vigo. Viñas considers that all the oil platforms will be supported by this kind of vessels will be an obligatory requirement to safeguard the environment in several years. "There are high added value vessels, very sophisticated, which are the ones that we are interested in build".
The "well testing" will have a DP 3 dynamic placing system, better than the one that usually is set up in the seismic vessels built in the shipyards from Vigo and Marín.
The president of Barreras also says that to obtain this kind of contracts and to develop the the needed technology would not be possible without the collaboration of the Regional Ministry of Industry, Javier Guerra and the General Manager of the department angel Bernardo Tahoces.
The regional ministry said on Wednesday that next Monday the 14th, he will go to Madrid to try to unblock 40 millions for the construction of a new off-shore vessel.
The new Barreras contract will get up speed to the shipyard that nowadays is ending the construction of an hotel vessel for oil platforms, the "Edda Fides", and a ferry for the Canary Islands ship owner Armas. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)