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Barreras will close in February the contract of 500 millions 3 new vessels

The shipyard confirm that it is about two 205 meters "ferries" for the Armas ship owner and support vessel for the oil platforms for the Mexican multinational Pemex. Barreras is confident that it will fill its stands with ships again. The president of the biggest shipyard from Vigo, José Francisco González Viñas, announced yesterday that he will close the contract of 3 new vessels of 500 millions Euros in one month; this contract will provides work until the end of 2012. It is about two ferries for the ship owner Armas from the Canary Islands of 205 meters long and 350 millions Euros and an off-shore vessel for the support of oil platforms for the Mexican multinational Pemex of 150 millions. Apart from these contracts, the shipyard is struggling to other four ships (at least two of them off-shore) that would guarantee the company activity until 2013.
Barreras boss took advantage of the Volcan de Tinamar launch, the last ferry of Armas that was in the order list of the shipyard, to outline its strategic plan for the next two years.
Negotiation with Armas for the construction of these two ferries begun more than one year ago, and it took longer than expect in being consolidate due to the finance difficulties of the sector and to technical problems, over all the size of the vessels which is 205 meters long. González Viñas explained yesterday that to undertake this construction the stands will be reinforced so they can support the weight of these giants each one exceed 20.000 tones (the Volvan de Tinamar, launched yesterday was 13.000 tones). "we have to reinforce the foundation of the stands so they can support the weight. It will be done simultaneously with the construction".
The third vessel that Barreras predict to close will be a complete innovation technologically. It is about a vessel for the support of oil platforms which mission will be to recycle the oil extraction installations emissions (solid, liquid and gaseous). "This vessel will have a big processing plant. Residues will go to tanks, that later will be moved into boats that will carried them to land to its industrial treatment" summarized Gonzalez Viñas. This prototype will increase the fleet of the Mexican oil company Pemex.
The two Armas ferries and the off-shore will reactivate the construction in Barreras since June, and they would made the shipyard activity until the end of the year ironclad. Furthermore, according Gonzalez Viñas, the company aspires to close the contract of other four vessels during the second part of the year; at least two of them will be off-shore.
Yesterday launch gathered the Armas president, Antonio Armas; the general manager of the Marine Science, María Isabel Durantez; the Regional Minister , Javier Guerra; the Mayor Abel Caballero. The vessel capacity is 1.500 people and it has eleven decks. It is the biggest boat ever built in the Ria de Vigo as well as its twin the Volcan del Teide. (Source: FARO DE VIGO)