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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The ship "Mol Valparaiso" inaugurate the line between Vigo and the African port Abidjan

The container carrier ship registered in Vanuatu 'Mol Valparaíso' inaugurates today in the Port of Vigo an new bimonthly regular line, with this line from now on, the consignee Noreste Shipping plans to speed up the connection between South African ports and the port of Vigo. The ship is waited at first time in the morning coming from Abidjan (Ivory Coast), to unload containers with products of the fishing resulting from South African countries, where subsidiary Galician companies of the fishing sector are settled. According the aforementioned consignee, this new service will stimulate noticeably the sending of frozen fish from fishing bases situated in Mauricio Island, Mozambique, South Africa Republic, Namibia and Angola to freezers from Vigo after transfer in the port of Abidjan from where merchandise will be brought directly to Vigo in eleven days. The "Mol Valparaiso", which take turns on the route with two other twin units, has capacity for 2.209 containers and registration of 25.947 tones. It is 193 meters long and 32 meters wide, and it belongs to the Japanese giant maritime transporter Mol Shipping, company well founded in 1878. (SOURCE: Faro de Vigo)