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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


A German multimillionaire order a copy of the famous ship "Germania" to Factoria Naval

Factoría Naval de Marin is turning into a world reference in building of classic sailing ships. In August this year delivered to a Scottish ship owner the ship "Elena" of 42 meters long and 1,120 squared meters of sails, designed by the engineer from Vigo, Mr. Iñigo Echenique that based his design on plans of 1911 of the North American architect Mr. Nathanael Harreshoff. . The Galician shipyard had begun the construction of a second ship, of 47 meters long, that will be a copy of the famous ship "Germania", a vessel that won all big European competitions of 1908 and that was designed by the naval German engineer Mr. Max Oertz.
"Germania" will return to cross the sea thanks to the enthusiasm of a multimillionaire German ship owner that will invest 12 million euro in the project. The ship is building up following faithfully the plans of Mr. Oerts and the work methods used in 1908 by the shipyard Krupp Germania-Weftde de Kiel.
Fatoria Naval de Marin will be the responsible for building this yacht thanks to its experience in this kind of ships. Ships like "Elena" and "Sea Cloud Hussar"; considered the biggest sail boat in the world with 136 meters long, were its letter of introduction in order to achieve that this new order will stay in Galicia.
Responsible people from the shipyard of Marín had to sign a confidentiality clause because of it they can not advertise some aspects of the project and there as well as distribute photographs about the development of the construction. The "Germania" will be delivered to its owner at the beginning of next year. There are not so many photographs of "Gemania". Krupp family, owner of the shipyard where the original ship was built and also owner of "Germania" have the copy rights of original photos that have been used in a lot of adverts and posters.
Client list nose-dive of Galician shipyards have not damaged the shipyard from Marin, that have specialized itself in a kind of constructions difficult to find in Europe.
Between its pending deliveries there is the "Sea Cloud Hussar", designed by the naval engineer from Vigo, Mr. Íñigo Echenique, which will be delivered at the beginning of 2011. This sail ship has more than 4,000 squared meters of sail, and 27 different, that provide a speed of 12 knots, only with the wind strength. Other of the "jewels" of Factoría Naval is the mega yacht of 60 meters long ordered by Fernando Fernández Tapias that will cost 36 million euro.