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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Vulcano finalize the sale of a seismic boat to refloat its affiliate

The slow exit of the crisis of Factorias Juliana, a legendary shipyard from Gijón. Factorias Vulcano is trying to complete the sale on next days of a seismic boat ordered by the Norwegian company Bansalease S.A., which deletes on the delivery of the boat has turn the head office located in Vigo and the headquarters of Gijón, Factorias Juliana into a complicated situation. The prize of the boat had been fallen because of this matter between 15 and 20 million euro, from 60 million euro at the beginning to 38 million euro nowadays. Nevertheless sources of the sector consider that the price and the kind of boat have turn it into an easy saleable unit in the market.
Part of the Money of the 532 unit, that begun to be built in Gijón, but that have been transported and finished in Vigo, will be useful to give oxygen to the complex situation of Vulcano. Actually, the situation of Juliana is critical. A bankruptcy proceeding on the commercial court number 1 of Oviedo, demands that a first payment on parts of 1.2 million euro have been made to creditors, in order no to continue the bankruptcy process that would entail, if they don not reach an agreement, to the Asturian company liquidation.
Sources of the naval sector declared to "La Voz" " the crisis exit is near, but several things have to be agreed in a positive way to Vulcano" Vulacano is finishing other two seismic boats and a chemist Russian boat , furthermore it is waiting for new multi-million euro contracts