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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026



The public shipyard Navantia sees the light after a long way facing the darkness. Navantia was born in March of 2005, after an agreement between the Government, SEPI, and the unions and after a year of tense negotiations, both political and union wise. Last year, Navantia closed the year with a profit of half a million euros, after many years with losses; in 2005 it lost 128 million euros and in 2006, 35 million euros. According to the company, the provisions for this year indicate that this year the profit will be remarkable, without giving any additional detail.
Navantia, with Juan Pedro Gómez Jaén as president, draws together the six shipyards segregated from Izar (Ferrol, Fene, Cartagena, Cádiz, Puerto Real y San Fernando) and it works on the military shipbuilding field, although 20% of its invoicing can be from civil work, as the European Commission has authorized. The Izar facilities (Gijón, Sestao, Manises y Sevilla) were sold or liquidated.
Sources from Navantia underlined that the order book has a value of 6.100 million euros, which ensures work load for its 5.564 employees and for its auxiliary companies until 2011. If other already negotiated contracts are signed up, they will guarantee the work load until 2016.
According to Navantia, separating the military part of Izar was a good decision, because in the military shipbuilding sector the company has available state of the art technology that is improved every year by investing 6% of the sales on research and development. While Izar was suffering the strong competitiveness of the Korean civil shipyards (sometimes practicing unfair competition), now in military Navantia they compete for the best contracts of the world with companies from Germany, France, and the United States.
After reaching the current order book, to which contributed the Spanish Army and other important orders from countries such as Australia that last July ordered three destroyers (frigates) and the platforms for two strategic protection amphibious ships with a value of 1.200 millions. Now they are on the pre-selection stage for signing a contract to build six submarines S-80 for Turkey and six oceangoing patrol ships for Qatar, and, in addition, two amphibious ships for South Africa and three LPDs for Malaysia. (Source: El País).