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Freire Will Build Six Tugs for the Danish Shipping Line Maersk

The Vigo shipyard has already contracts with a French firm for building four tugs. The order book might increase with the contract that is been currently negotiated for building two oceanographic ships

The Vigo shipyard Construcciones Navales P. Freire (CNPF) will build six tugs for the firm Maersk Supply Service, subsidiary of the largest shipping line worldwide, the Danish Maersk-Moller. According to reliable sources from La Voz, the ships will have an approximate cost of 50 million euros. The contact will allow the Galician shipyard to produce at full capacity for, at least, two more years. In addition, the company is already working in other two important orders, which will guarantee the extension of this period until 2011, as most Ría Vigo shipyards; they are experiencing the highest point of a 30 years industrial cycle.

Freire also has a multiple order of other four service ships for the ship owner Louis Thomas&Cie, also around 30 metres long, but with different powers. The contact with the French shipping company will represent an income of approximately 35 million euros more. Eventhough, this is not the best customer of the Vigo shipyard, given that is currently working on an eight series of container ships, 90 meters long, for the Anglo-Dutch company Carisbrooke Shipping, which will yield around 80 million euros on the following years.

Insofar as these orders are already closed, according to the same source, currently Construcciones Navales P. Freire expects to get the projects put out to tender for building two last generation oceanographic ships, similar to Sarmiento de Gamboa, which will be handed over officially, today in Vigo, to the Education and Science Ministry, in presence of the president of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The ship is planned to be the base for new operations to be carry out on the Prestige.

The Gamboa is a sophisticated scientific platform, 70 meters long, capable of operating a non-crewed submarine device as far as 6,000 meters deep. The final cost of this ship is 26 million euros, although the initial estimate was 22 million. The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC, according to its Spanish abbreviation), which will be the organization that will operate the ship through its Atlantic Unit, located in Vigo, and which has caused the increase on the final cost of the ship with the improvements that were included with the work in progress. The fact is that the vessel is equipped with ship technology features and devices from, among other countries, Norway, Germany, and the United States, the main powers of this sector worldwide.


This possible contact allows discerning a certain specialization of CNPF in the scientific ships area, as currently has an order to design a ship 70 meters long, similar to Sarmiento de Gamboa, that will be equipped with a minisubmersible for carrying out deep underwater exploration.

The company that ordered this ship is a shipping line with its headquarters in Luxemburg. (Source: La Voz de Galicia)