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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The Naval Sector Reaches an Agreement for Renovating the Auxiliary Industry

The Xunta abstains from the agreement, because is waiting until the affected groups that were not represented at the Madrid meeting make their statement. The administrations, employers, and unions, have reach an agreement for starting to renovate the auxiliary industry of the naval sector in Spain, with a plan managed by the Naval Sector Management and the Small and Medium Shipyards Restructuring Association (Pymar, according to its Spanish abbreviation) coordinated by the Spanish Shipbuilders Association (UNINAVE, according to its Spanish abbreviation), the person in charge of this association is president of the Vigo shipyard Barreras José Francisco González Viñas. The general director of Industrial Promotion, Helena Veiguela, abstained from the agreement waiting to know the opinion of the auxiliary industry, which was not represented at the meeting.

Veiguela said to FARO that she does not have any discrepancy with the document, “but I declared that we should not go forward, as long as the affected industry is not represented, while in previous meeting the national association Aedimar was present, in the one held on Monday it was not. The document is very important and very delicate for not taking into account the affected sector”.

The general director underlined that the committee agreed on keep developing the agreement and that the general director of Industry suggested to different regions to organize an employers representation for the following meetings.

The renovation plan of the auxiliary industry for developing the main activity of the Spanish private shipyards includes a competitiveness plan that was accepted by a total of 178 companies, from which 98 of them are Galician, 55% of the total.

The auxiliary industry committee is aware of the difficulties to identify companies due to the lack of national association, which is caused by the disperse location and the variety. It also noticeable the lack of interest of many companies regarding competitiveness plans.

Anyways the companies that have ordered the competitiveness plans represent 85% of the auxiliary industry, in terms of turnover and personnel. Nevertheless, the shipyards have identify other 60 companies that in turnover and personnel mean around 15% of the sector and that have not provided information. (Source: Faro de Vigo)