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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Ronáutica is Setting up in Rianxo the First Floating Port for Flat-Bottomed Boats

The pilot project sponsored by Galician Ports will mean an investment of 2.1 million euros and 100 berths. The floating jetties that make quicker and easier the sport boats docking and disembark operations, now will be available for the Galician fishing fleet, more precisely for the Rianxo flat-bottomed boats. The Vigo company Ronáutica and its partner Banco Pastor have won the tender of Galician Ports for carrying out a pilot project that will allow organizing, at the port, the docking of the boats that operate on the beds.

The Rianxo facilities will allow accommodating one hundred of flat bottomed vessels and will mean an investment of 21 million euros. “This is the first time a Galician fishing port will have available floating jetties adapted to the fleet that operating there”, remarked Rodolfo Andrade, chief executive of Ronáutica.

These berths will be set up to moor this type of ships, unique at the Spanish coast, of which the average dimensions are 50 tons of gross weigh, 20 meters long, and 8 meters wide. During the process design, the special characteristics of these ships and the difficulties to manoeuver have been taken into account.

The Project has been suspended for a month, so the masters of the mussels’ cargo ships have time to summit their proposals. Likewise, the 120 berths planned in Rianxo dropped to 100 and the load line of the jetties has been increased up to 1.50 meters over the water level to make easier the unloading. If this initiative, which will be finish in two months, is finally successful, the Galician Ports will take the decision of starting to make improvements in other fishing ports with this type of fleet and for other ones.
(Source: Fara de Vigo)