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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Vigo’s Shipyard Hijos de J. Barreras Has Launched the Container Ship Ruiloba

The ship has capacity for 1,350 containers, is the third one of a four series for Grupo Odiel Barreras launched the Rubiola container ship, a state of the art construction worldwide, which cost 89 million euros. Ruiloba will have a transport capacity of 1,350 containers, distributed among the cargo store and the hatch cover, and which beats the number of containers of the first two from the four series.

The shipyard currently has an order line up of 16 vessels that will cost a total of 1,450 euros, including the Ruiloba.

The woman who launched the ship, which took place under a downpour, was Isabel Merello, wife of the Grupo Odiel President. Various authorities, such as, Ricardo Varela, Work Secretary in the Galician Regional Government, important figures, and naval sector representatives, also attended to the ceremony. Afterwards, the keel of the fourth vessel of the series was placed.

The Ruiloba construction is the 1,651 of the shipyard history, the Pereda family, who owns the ships, has underlined that they started their business relationship with Barreras more than fifty years ago. The first vessel was ordered in 1957.

The container ship, is 159,80 meters long and 24,8 meters of beam. Ruiloba is the result of a very advanced technical study build after the close collaboration between the technical departments of Barreras and Grupo Odiel, which has a renown experience in this type of projects. The vessel can reach 20 knots of speed and will start transporting containers between the Mediterranean and the Canary Islans in June.

The ship construction meant a work load of a million hours carried out by the shipyard personnel and the auxiliary industry personnel. According to the shipyard the construction of the vessel required 30 million euros in labor. These numbers confirm that the naval industry sector created a high employment rate in Vigo and its surroundings. For this reason, the administration should support the sector for maintaining good employment levels, because it might be threaten by shipyards from developing countries.