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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


The First Ship Propeller Foundry in Galicia Starts its Activity

Fundivisa starts the furnace ignition and 90% of the production will be exported. The new foundry, which began its activity in Vilagarcía, is the only factory in Galicia that builds propellers for the maritime industry. At the beginning, the factory will have a 56 crew workers, would have to be increased to a hundred workers due to the importance that company is gaining even before starts. For this reason, the locker room and the offices have been extended.

Fundivisa, which belongs to the group from José García Costas; a businessman from Vigo, was created to cover the needs from other company of his own, Baliño located in Vigo. Last year he had to decline a few orders due to the lack of foundry to build the propulsion equipment, which, in addition to the propellers, is made up by the axis and the hydraulic system that makes the paddles move.

The main activity of the Vilagarcia company is to cast and finish the propellers machining, afterwards they are brought to Vigo be assemble at Baliño.

Fundavisa has already ignited two furnaces, the prospect is to have three, and in a few days the foundry will start. Each one of these furnaces has a foundry capacity of 7.000 kilograms every two hours.

García Costas mentioned that in a month and a half the company will set in motion a highly advanced machining center. The idea is finishing the propellers with the polish, which is going to be done by two robots.