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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The Center of Naval Repairs of Vigo will be settled in Zone Franca of Bouzas

The administration committee displayed the new society to the Autonomy Council of Innovation The Center of Naval Reparis of Vigo, presided over by José Garcia Costas is constituted by 55 industrialists of the metal sector and its objective is to attract a great volume of business.

Garcia Costas commented that the first visit has to be to the Autonom Council of Innovation and it result could not be more positive because ”the disposition of the Council on the project is total ”.

As it was indicated by its president, ”the society has just named its organs of government. It is still soon to establish a calendar, but we have begun to work. Initially we will start in facilities of the Zona Franca in Bouzas as a provisional form ”.

At the moment there are no innovations on the necessary infrastructure to promote the activity of repairs, principal mission of this society. The creation of new docks follows its course apart of the centre of repairs. ”Cardama, that negotiated the purchase of the docks with Rodman, has intention to put them at the disposal of the Center of Repairs, because the idea is to equip it with the necessary infrastructures” explains the president of the director’s board. But at the moment there is not a period to consolidate the infrastructure in Bouzas. ”The subject of the docks follows its channel apart of our society. It is very premature to inform on any more news, (go forward with anything else) because, I insist, we are at the initial moment ”, clarifies García Costas.

The naval reparation centre of Vigo S.A. is the first society of this characteristics formed in Galicia in the naval industry.
The shareholders are businessmen from the naval and auxiliary industry, as well as some shipyards, although the four main constructors remain apart: Barreras, Freire, Santo Domingo and Vulcano.