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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


New creation of a naval reparation centre by the naval sector of Vigo

The sector will create a new infrastructure involving 4 floating dry docks in Bouzas. It will be managed by a privately owned society involving 45 shipyards and auxiliary companies The metal businessman from Vigo are proud to see their project being created which will make them capable of attracting the business opportunities to repair boats of up to 150 meters long. The project will be fulfilled in a bit less than a year.
The naval reparation centre of Vigo will be constituted formally tomorrow, with the participation of around 65 shipyards and auxiliary firms from the province of Pontevedra. They all made possible to reunite 1 million euros of capital, needed to found the society that will be managed by a managing commission integrated by5 businessmen known in the sector.
Vigo’s naval sector is consolidating a new way to secure the future of the 22.000 workers of the industry. The Autonomy Council of Industry, through Igape, finances the viability plan and the Port Authority has provided the necessary space to create the base in Bouzas area.
The new infrastructure will have 4 floating dry docks. Each dry dock will be between 140 and 160 metres long. The project will be finished with a kilometre of dockage long that the Authority Port promised to settle along the Berbés area which will permit the simultaneous dockage of a dozen boats in reparation.
At the moment they are studying the viability of placing a beached dry. This system lifts the boats from the dock and they are driven by rails up to the naval reparation area, as the Canarian shipyards do.
The budget needed is 50 million euros. The first report of this project estimates that 20.000 boats could use the reparation area.
This new society specialized in repairing boats are growing when the naval sector has lots of work up to 2009. The biggest shipyards as Hijos de J. Barreras, Vulcano and Freire have signed contracts up to 2010 and 2011.