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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The Sea City, in Vigo, Will Have a Naval Technology Unit

The Sea Technological Center [Cetmar (Spanish abbreviation)] concludes in a preliminary report sent to the Xunta of Galicia (Autonomous Government of Galicia) and to the Ministry of Education and Science, that the key elements of the Sea City must be committed to Research Development and Innovation [I+D+i (Spanish abbreviation)] projects and to configure definitively the naval base for Spanish oceanographic vessels. This first analysis about how to develop the idea known as Sea City will be used as starting point for this new platform, towards which the central and autonomous administration will allocate funds and human resources, not fixed yet. Even so, the National Budget for 2007 already assigns timid sums of money for the Sea City. According to the Xunta, since the Naval Technology Unit, which will be built on charge of the Ministry of education, will have a budget of near 50 million of euros for itself, their intention is to allocate for the Sea City a budget near the 70 million of euros that would be distributed in consecutive annuities. Said unit will study exterior and interior ship design, to adapt it to its functionality. The Cetmar has not clarified jet on their preliminary report which section of the former Transmission and Electronics School of the Army [ETEA (Spanish abbreviation)] would require to be rebuilt to accommodate the new platform.