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Fundilusa and JC Navalips announce a strategic alliance to advance the modernization and sustainability of shipbuilding sector

Both companies, which operate independently and without any subordination link, have agreed on a project to exploit joint capabilities for the production and marketing of propellers and other bronze parts for shipbuilding industry, using state-of-the-art technology.

JC Navalips and Fundilusa, two leading companies in the sector of manufacturing products for the shipbuilding industry, have today announced a strategic alliance with the intention of strengthening their position in the market and offering an even more complete and competitive service to their clients. The signing of the agreement took place at the inauguration of Navalia, the International Naval Industry Fair of Vigo.

In order to modernize the sector, both companies, which operate independently and without any link of subordination, have agreed on a project to exploit joint capabilities for the production and marketing of propellers and other bronze parts for the naval industry, using technology last generation.

JC Navalips, with a history of more than 50 years in the manufacture of naval propulsion products, is recognized worldwide for its experience and quality in the supply of propellers, blades and bronze components for the naval sector. With a focus on the highest standards of quality and safety in manufacturing processes, JC Nalips has a highly qualified and committed team.

This alliance represents a significant success for JC Navalips, since it is strengthened by associating with Fundilusa, undoubtedly the most reference factory in Europe in recent decades and with the greatest growth and global prestige. “At a time of notable growth for JC Navalips, we eagerly participate in this strategic alliance that should ensure competitive advantages for both companies. It will be an excellent opportunity to share resources, capabilities and knowledge at the service of the market,” said the president of JC Navalips, Javier Cavada, in the presentation of the alliance.

On the other hand, Fundilusa, founded in 1989, has stood out over the years for the incorporation of advanced technology in its production process, always remaining at the forefront as a leader in the sector. Its core business is the casting and machining of bronze propellers, blades and marine propulsion components. The alliance will allow Fundilusa to consolidate its new line of business and grow in the steel market. In addition, the firm is recognized for its commitment to quality, production efficiency and closeness to customers, listening to their needs and seeking appropriate solutions.

“We are very excited about this strategic and innovative alliance for the sector that will allow us to offer a better service to our clients by expanding our product portfolio taking advantage of the common synergies and capabilities of both companies,” commented Pablo González, the president of Fundilusa.

The strategic alliance between JC Navalips and Fundilusa will offer a series of advantages for both clients and both companies. These advantages include complete attention to the market, competitiveness in price and deadline, high quality standards, incorporation of latest generation technology, expansion of the current range of products, investment in R&D&I, taking advantage of synergies in the development of new methodologies and materials, as well as the joint commitment to use raw materials, recycling and reducing the carbon footprint.

Sustainability Commitment
With this agreement and thanks to the large experience of Javier Cavada, a global executive at the head of several organizations at the forefront of the energy transition, the alliance between Fundilusa and JC Navalips will consolidate their firm commitment to sustainability. Cavada's knowledge, responsibility and commitment in this area of sustainability is one of the driving forces of the alliance and will respond to the current and future, increasingly demanding, requirements of our clients and the new legislation responsible for the environment and with emissions reductions.

Its advanced manufacturing processes, which integrate automated technologies of maximum efficiency, are designed to minimize energy consumption and downtime, placing itself at the forefront of fundamental aspects of technology and sustainability. For JC Navalips and Fundilusa, this alliance represents a unique opportunity to broaden horizons, increase their competitiveness in the market, expand their business and improve their efficiency and productivity through the exchange of resources and knowledge, as well as access to new technologies that benefit the maritime sector, throughout the world.