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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


ARSOFT, a benchmark in the development of XR systems in the naval sector

Thanks to the EyeFlow platform, ARSOFT is helping many companies in the naval sector improve their training and maintenance operations to be more efficient and productive.

ARSOFT is a Spanish company that specializes in advanced Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality (XR technologies) software, helping numerous companies in the marine industry to use this type of technology more efficiently. How? Through an innovative solution designed specifically for the industry: EyeFlow.

One of the major problems the industry faces when it comes to implementing these technologies and taking advantage of their benefits is the cost involved and the dependence on XR experts to create the content. 

ARSOFT has been working for years to solve this problem, and the result is EyeFlow: an authoring platform that makes it easy to create interactive virtual reality simulators and augmented reality procedures. This solution helps companies to digitize all their training and maintenance processes without high costs. New European regulations require more digitized operations and maintenance manuals, and EyeFlow is a platform that allows companies to convert traditional paper or PDF process manuals into interactive 3D manuals. In this way, companies can take advantage of all the benefits of XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual

Reality and Mixed Reality) technologies in a sustainable and scalable way. 
EyeFlow is currently used by major international companies and organizations, such as the Spanish Navy and Navantia, to transform their technical documentation of industrial processes into interactive 3D content, improving both process training and operator support.

XR technologies are helping to transform the shipbuilding industry by improving efficiency, safety, training and simulation capabilities in a variety of applications, from design and construction to operation and maintenance of ships and vessels. These technologies promise a bright future for the marine industry by providing innovative and advanced solutions.