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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Offshore wind industry will be the protagonist of a new Navalia conference this 29th of February

The event will take place in line with the Executive Committee meeting and Mr Juan Virgilio will attend as Wind farming Business Association Director

Navalia organizers will hold a conference this 29th of February prior to its Executive Committee meeting, when last only three months for the ninth edition of the International Shipbuilding Exhibition. Under the title “La eólica marina flotante, una oportunidad de país” (‘Offshore wind farming, a country opportunity’), the event will serve to bring together both the Executive Committee members, chaired by Mr José García Costas, and companies within the sector interested in learning and discussing about this important topic for the maritime industry future. The event will feature the participation of the Asociación Empresarial Eólica (Wind farming Business Association) led by its general director, Mr Juan Virgilio Márquez, who Mr Javier Arnau, director of Navalia, held a meeting recently in Madrid.

In this sense, it is worth reminding floating offshore wind farming is already a high potential renewable alternative which adapts very well to the characteristics of the Spanish continental shelf, although there is still a lot of work to do. The fact is that in Spain, offshore wind farming has barely been developed due to the high depth of territorial waters to fixed foundation projects, a solution that has been consolidated until now and is unviable from 50 meters deep.

Our country is a global wind power, both in equipment manufacturing and energy generation. Thus, we have 27.5 GW of installed power on land, an aspect that makes us the fifth country in the world, behind China, USA, Germany, and India. This positioning, together with a strong shipbuilding industry, the large maritime-port sector and technological and engineering capabilities which are international benchmarks, make offshore wind farming a great opportunity for future. Furthermore, this technology is key for the European Union, where it will grow from the current 12 GW to 60 GW in 2030, according to the “EU Strategy on Marine Renewable Energy” of the European Commission.

Mr Francisco Silva Castaño, Iberdrola delegate in Galicia, and Mr José Luis Inogés Esteban, Navantia Seanergies Business Development Manager, will also take part of the speech, moderated by Javier Arnau. People interested in attending will be able to register now HERE.