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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Rodman is moving forward in the new Fred. Olsen express catamaran construction, to be delivered in 2024

The shipyard successfully completes the union of deck and hull

The new catamaran Rodman is building at its facilities in Meira (Moaña) for the Norwegian shipowner operating in the Canary Islands, Fred. Olsen Express, whose design and construction began last May, adds a new milestone, getting the union of the deck and hull ready. This completes one of the main parts of the construction of this new Mini ferry, the shipyard's 80th catamaran, which will be 26 m-long and have a capacity for 250 passengers.
Next, the installation of the main equipment inside and the assembly of the main deck elements will begin, a process that will culminate with the subsequent joining of the superstructure.
The head of Fred's technical department. Olsen Express, Iván Fernández pointed out that “construction works on the shipping company's new vessel is progressing correctly. For us, working with Rodman is a guarantee of quality and trust, making collaboration very simple, since communication between the two entities is direct and fluent."
Construction continues and both companies express their "satisfaction" with the current status of the project and the expectations created with this new vessel, which will be part of the company's fleet in 2024.
Source: Industrias Pesqueras