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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Vigo shipyards revive sector with new constructions

The former Hijos de J. Barreras yesterday privately celebrated the laying of the keel of a ship for the Civil Guard

The shipyards from Vigo are being rearmed for 2024 with ship construction and repair works filling the yards and ensure a workload for several years, generating activity in the subsidiary industry.

The former Hijos de J.Barreras (now called Ría de Vigo) yesterday celebrated the laying of the keel of a ship for the maritime service of the Civil Guard, a historical milestone in shipbuilding that marks the beginning of the work. The symbolic act, which the Minister of the Interior Grande-Marlaska was initially going to attend, was also held, although privately, since the company - owned by Armón - must comply contract requirements that includes 27 months lasting. The “Duque de Ahumada” will be the largest in the fleet of the Spanish armed institute - it will be between 75 and 85-meters- long and a cost of 35 million euros co-financed with funds from the European agency Frontex, as the ministry reported. It will have a landing platform for helicopters and another to temporarily locate castaways, as stated by the Ghenova engineering company, in charge of the design.

Ría de Vigo has two other simultaneous constructions, which are an oceanographic vessel for Iceland and a fishing vessel for the Vigo shipowner Copemar. In the same facilities, Armón Vigo is carrying out several oceanographic studies, one for the Spanish CSIC-IEO, another for New Zealand and has a third in the pipeline for the Azores.


Metalships has four ships at Teis facility (Vigo), although none are under construction. Grupo Rodman shipyard is on its way to solving its economic difficulties - it has been in the red since 2016 and losses were 2.2 million last year. In October it received five ships for repair and maintenance works, of which it continues to work on four. They are a tuna vessel whose work is being completed at the slipway, a ship for the Spanish Navy that is on the covered slipway and will receive a complete change, and two cargo ships. “We have a very busy month of November, and we are excited to see the results of these projects,” indicates the shipyard on its LinkedIn account.

Nodosa shipyard based in Marin has just put into effect the construction contract for a very modern factory trawler for a New Zealand fishing company. Its delivery is scheduled for 2026.

The latest shipbuilding report from the Ministry of Industry, corresponding to quarter two, included two new constructions in Freire - with a total of five contracts - and two in Cardama order book, which also has a workload in terms of repair and ship transformation.

San Enrique (Vulcano) countdown to fulfill their plans

San Enrique Shipyard (former Factorías Vulcano) has six months - until May 2024 - to comply with their investment plan or they will face a penalty and a possible expiration of the Port facilities allowance. The company, part of the Marina Meridional group, reported yesterday it is strengthening its ship repair division. Provided emergency assistance to the ship 'Wilson Hobro' after docking at the docks of the Teis shipyard to make improvements to the ship. The 'Lola B' also took advantage of her time at Vigo’s Port to repair damaged elements on the cargo deck.

San Enrique participates in the Vigo Ship Repair platform to attract workload that allows them to guarantee their continuity as shipbuilder. The company announced at the time the contract for the construction of an 80-meter-long fishing boat worth 35 million for the shipowner PescaChile, although they did not make official its entry into force.