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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Trawler 'Eirado do Costal’ increases more than 15 meters

Nodosa shipyard carried out the work "in record time" so that the ship does not lose “a single day of its next campaign" in the NAF fishing ground

The freezer trawler Eirado do Costal was built in Armón Vigo in 2004 with 56 meters long, but now she will return to sea, to the NAFO fishing ground where she fishes, with about 72 meters long.

Nodosa shipyard has completed the lengthening work commissioned by Moradiña, the shipowner from Cangas, and after undertaken similar projects with the New Polar, Marguel, O Kevin or Pedra da Grelo.

According to the company representatives, the work was carried out "in record time", so that the ship will not lose "a single day in its next campaign."

News and image source: Faro de Vigo