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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Murueta launches a 103 m-long cargo boat in Erandio

It will transport dry and bulk cargo throughout Europe and North Africa, as well as large projects that, due to their dimensions, weight, and complexity, require a special transport system.

Astilleros Murueta has launched its new ship, 'Gernika NM', into the Erandio’s Bay, which will transport dry and bulk cargo through Europe, North Africa and the Black Sea, and large projects that due to their dimensions, weight and complexity require a special transportation system.

This cargo boat has an electric diesel propulsion, which will allow the ship to use the power it always needs and optimize consumption during all its voyages.

She will be delivered in 2024 so that she is part of the Murueta Atlántico Alcudia Shipping, which has twelve other dry and bulk cargo transport vessels. Among them, two 'brothers' with similar characteristics; the 'Mundaka NM' and the 'Katuxa NM'. The ship represents the 330th construction of the shipyard.

(Source: El Correo)