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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Arbulu Group signs an agreement with Starlink for satellite communication equipment distribution and services

Starlink will provide group companies customers with higher speed connectivity at sea

Arbulu Group, specialized in naval technology and connectivity, marine electronics, and satellite communications, has signed a Register Reseller agreement with the company Starlink, for the distribution of its satellite communication equipment and its communications services. The agreement includes all Group companies: Nautical, e3 Systems, Thalos, Aage Hempel Group, Marine Instruments, Radio Electronic, Navteam, Silecmar and SMD.

"Starlink is the world's first largest constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that can offer broadband Internet at a higher speed than other connectivity options," explains the Group. This constellation, made up of thousands of satellites orbiting the planet much closer to Earth, provides connectivity to most of the oceans. Its LEO constellation makes it possible to offer clients of group companies "much faster connectivity with much lower latency even in remote areas".

Mr Iñaki Arbulu, CEO of Grupo Arbulu, declared: “The agreement with Starlink is a very important step towards the digitization of the maritime fleet, since it allows a fast, uninterrupted, and affordable connection, generating great value for our customers. Starlink opens new paths for the inclusion of innovative products, such as those developed and marketed by our companies, making it possible to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and life on board of any fleet”.

The accessibility of this type of technology will allow, according to Grupo Arbulu, "great advances in marine technology at a global level and will accelerate the development of innovative solutions focused on efficiency and sustainability". It also highlights that with the signing of this agreement, new lines of collaboration will emerge that will allow progress in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions adapted to the current and future needs of the sector.
(Source: Industrias Pesqueras)